Lonestar Retractor stays


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Used to retract tissue in opposing quadrants the stay hook is placed into tissue and inserted into slots on the ring to achieve the desired exposure. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, the stays are designed to ease manipulation of both delicate tissues and substantial anatomical structures. All stays can be used with any Lone Star Surgery Retractor Rings or Surgery trays. Can be stem autoclaved.

• 3mm Elastic Stays (Pack of 8)

• 5mm Semi-Blunt Hook (Pack of 8)

• 5mm Elastic Stays (Pack of 8)

• 13mm Solid Blade (Pack of 4)

• 6.5mm Solid Blade (Pack of 4)

• 14mm 2 Finger Hook (Pack of 4)

• 7mm 2 Finger stay (Pack of 4)


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3mm Elastic Stays, 5mm Semi-Blunt Hook, 5mm Elastic Stays, 13mm Solid Blade, 6.5mm Solid Blade, 14mm 2 Finger Hook, 7mm 2 Finger Stays