VSP Avian Oral Speculum


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Two-over-one forceps are very tiny and beneficial when working to minimize tissue trauma. VSP Avian Oral Specula provide a safe and effective way to examine the bird’s oral cavity. Keeps the beak open while performing many oral procedures with or without anesthesia. Longer handle for improved control and handing. Use for physical examinations, to pass a feeding tube, when using feeding needles, to administer medications, when passing an endotracheal tube for administering anesthesia, and while performing oral surgery.

Set includes

• (2) Two-ended stainless-steel specula.

• Extra small and Small Speculum for smaller birds such as parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds, and small conures.

• Large and Extra Large speculum for larger birds such as macaws, cockatoos, large conures and amazons.