Avian Restraint Jacket


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The Avian Restraint Jacket is designed to restrain birds during routine health examinations and maintenance/grooming procedures. It acts like a second pair of hands, is extremely east to use, and is atraumatic for the bird and the handler. It is used extensively in hospitals for avian procedures, such as beak and nail trimming, wing clipping and leg band removal.


• Use the Avian Restraint Jacket for restraining birds during routine health exams, medicating, laboratory testing and leg band removal.

• Helps protect the handler from bites

• Low-cost restraint developed by professionals to reduce time and stress during certain procedures.

• Made of sturdy backing material with two Velcro straps for easy size adjustment.

• Fits most sizes of birds from parakeets to adult macaws.

• Permits the practitioner to work without an assistant in many examination room procedures, as well as assisting the technician during hospital procedures.

• Easily Cleaned with a mild soap and water solution, or a mild disinfectant.